8:00 9:00 Registration    
8:00 17:00 IACAPAP LOC, Bureau & Executive Committee Meeting Room   Sharjah A
9:00 16:00 PCWO-357: Promoting positive parenting Jennifer Gray
Child and Family Training UK, York, United Kingdom
Samaa El Abd
Child and Family Training UK, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai C
9:00 16:00 PCWO-622: Interpersonal psychotherapy for suicide prevention Liat Haruvi Catalan
Schneider Children’s Medical Center, Israel
Dubai D
9:00 16:00 PCWO-484: Drawing between patients and therapists : 
Effects, impressions, reactions, impacts and meanings.

Alice Titia Rizzi
Researcher at INSERM unit in Paris, specialists on children drawing in therapy, research group “D-TRACE
Elisabetta Dozio
Researcher at INSERM unit in Paris, specialists on children drawing in therapy, research group “D-TRACE
Hawa Camara
Researcher at INSERM unit in Paris, specialists on children drawing in therapy, research group “D-TRACE

Ajman D
9:00 12:00 PCWO-204: Maudsley multimodal psychological treatment for ADHD and co-existing problems in young people Kah Mirza
Department of Clinical, Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences, University of Hertfordshire
Shivon Sudesh
Psychiatry, St. George's Medical School, Nicosia, Cyprus
Dubai A&B
9:00 12:00 PCWO-1059: The chicken or the egg: sleep and mental health in children: interaction and clinical approach Hisham Hamdan
Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine, Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai E
9:00 12:00 PCWO-1084: Introduction to child forensic interviw protocol SYIASI protocol
(Workshop in Arabic)
Muna Alshekaili
Child and Adolescent Consultant Psychiatrist,
Associate Director of Almassarh Hospital for Medical and Paramedical Affair,
Certified Child Forensic Interviewer
Mohmmed Almarzuqi
Former Associate General Prosecutor
Dubai F
9:00 12:00 PCWO-323: Press pause and play: rebranding childhood for coping, resilience and wellbeing Zelna Lauwrens
Global Policy Institute, Queen Mary University, London, United Kingdom
Fujairah A 
12:00 13:00 Lunch Break    
13:00 16:00 PCWO-778: Assessment & management of comorbidities in eating disorders in children and adolescents in the LMIC Suhas Chandran
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, St. John's Medical College, Bangalore, India
Dr. Avinash G. Kamath
Assistant Professor in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at KMC Manipal, Udupi, India
Dubai A&B
13:00 16:00 PCWO-790: WHO’s caregiver skills training for families of children with developmental delays or disabilities & implementation in community-based settings

Mayada Elsabbagh
McGill University, Canada
Sarah Dababnah
University of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work, USA
Pamela J. Dixon
Autism Speaks
Laura Pacione
University of Toronto, Canada

Chiara Servili
World Health Organization, Canada
Erica Pacione
World Health Organization, Canada

Dubai E
13:00 16:00 PCWO-0000: Advances in ADHD, ODD and ASD psychopharmacology Dr. Luis Augusto Rohde
Guilherme V. Polanczyk, MD, PhD
Prof. Bennett L. Leventhal
Dubai F
13:00 16:00 PCWO-854: Family based therapy for adolescents with anorexia nervosa: the adolescent as a mediator Takoua Brahim
Psychiatry, Faculty of Medecin, Monastir, Tunisia; Child Psychiatry, Centre Hospitalier le Rouvray, Rouen, France
Coralie Dubos
Child Psychiatry, Centre Hopsitalo-université de Rouen, Rouen, France
Priscille Gerardin
Child Psychiatry, Centre Hopsitalo-université de Rouen, Rouen, France; Child Psychiatry, Centre Hospitalier le Rouvray, Rouen, France
Fujairah A
13:00 16:00 Thought Record: A Cognitive Behavior Therapy Technique, learning the What and the How Hussain Alyami
RANZCP, RANZCP Cert. Child Adol. Psych, PhD, Cognitive Behavior Therapy PG Diploma, Fellowship in Health Systems Innovation and Improvement, Fellowship in Academic Teaching
Umm Al Qwain
8:00 9:00 Registration    
Opening Remarks by Her Excellency Hessa Bint Essa Buhumaid  view bio
Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
11:30 12:30 Keynote: A disciplined impatience: bridging the child mental health access and quality gaps through tech, data, and scalable solutions Prof. Helen Egger MD Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
12:30 13:30 Break    
12:30 13:30 DJCFP Orientation   Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
13:30 15:00 ADHD
ORAL-259  A model of ADHD as resulting from a phasic/tonic imbalance of dopamine during reinforcement learning
ORAL-260 Simulation of methylphenidate effects on learned responses in an ADHD model of dopamine imbalance
ORAL-372 Effects of training on the knowledge and perception of ADHD among primary school teachers in Nigeria
ORAL-629 Behavioral symptoms among ADHD during Covid-19 outbreak: a retrospective prospective cohort study

Philippe Robaey

Philippe Robaey

Muftau Mohammed

Nelly Raafat

CHAIR: Hassan Mirza

Sheikh Rashid Hall B
13:30 15:00 Anxiety Disorders
ORAL-224 Irritability, sleep and chronotype features of youth with anxiety disorder: a controlled study
ORAL-308 Smiles recovery model of children with obsessive-compulsive disorder: a qualitative analysis
ORAL-932 Prevalence of anxiety and patterns of coping among school going children in Sikkim
ORAL-681 Parental psychopathology and offspring anxiety disorder: a Finnish nationwide study

Çiğdem Yılmaz
Lakshmi Sravanti
Archana Chhetri
Prakash Khanal
CHAIR: Atif Rahman

Sheikh Rashid Hall C
13:30 15:00

Autism Spectrum Disorders
ORAL-292 The relationship between sensory sensitivity and nutrition in children with autism spectrum disorder
ORAL-570 Exploring the ongoing impact of coronavirus pandemic on families who have individuals with autism

ORAL-1012 Online parent mediated intervention for children with asd (oyna) program

ORAL-277 Improving education systems for children with autism spectrum disorder in south africa

Beste Doğar Karaca

Sowmyashree Kaku

Sabri Herguner

Sarosha Pillay

CHAIR: Muhammad Waqar Azeem

Dubai C
13:30 15:00 SISG-282 Using fairy tales and related literary forms to highlight concepts in childhood development Zheala Qayyum Dubai E
13:30 15:00 SYMP-905 Consequences of the covid-19 pandemic on child and adolescent mental health Sonja Gilbert
Azam Yunus
Yuko Mori
CHAIR: Andre Sourander
Sheikh Rashid Hall D
13:30 15:00 SYMP-786 Child and adolescent resilience - an Indian perspective Uttara Chari
Uma Hirisave
Janardhana N
Dubai A&B
13:30 15:00 SYMP-170 Make your work visible – platforms to publish in child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health Andreas Witt
Jörg Fegert
Hesham Hamoda
Daniel Fung
Bruno Fallisard
Sheikh Rashid Hall A
13:30 15:00 SYMP-197 Pediatric catatonia during the SARS-COV-2 pandemic: use of technology for assessment and treatment Ewa Bieber
Kristin Dalope
Alba Pergjika
Joshua Smith
Aaron Hauptman
Dubai F
13:30 15:00 SISG-997 Saudi Arabia child mental health program development Lamise Solaim
Hesham Hamoda
Myron Belfer
Gordon Harper
Dubai D
13:30 15:00 SYM-594 Developing cultural competencies of professionals working with migrant parents and their babies Rahmeth Radjack
Elisabetta Dozio
Alice Titia Rizzi
Hawa Camara
Fujairah A
13:30 15:00 SYMP-957 Shaping the future of child and adolescent mental health Valsama Eapen
Husam Salamah
Fadi Maalouf
CHAIR: Matthew Hodes & Petrus De Vries
Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
15:00 16:00
State of the Art Lecture 1
ASD diagnosis and treatment: what’s new and what’s not

Prof. Bennett L. Leventhal
Room: Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
State of the Art Lecture 2
Good practices and innovations in care service models and interventions for the promotion and protection of child and adolescent mental and brain health
Dr. Chiara Servili
Room: Sheikh Rashid Hall A
State of the Art Lecture 3
Screen time, video games, social media and child and adolescent mental health: what the evidence tells us about these associations
Dr. Luis Augusto Rohde
Room: Sheikh Rashid Hall B
16:00 16:30 Coffee Break & Poster Sessions     
16:30 18:00 Autism Spectrum Disorders/Developmental Disorders
ORAL-449 The Arabic version of the program for the education and enrichment of relational skills (PEERS®)
ORAL-988 Urban and rural differences in support needs among caregivers of autistic children in Morocco
ORAL-751 Subclinical ADHD/ASD Traits and functional connectivity of the large-scale brain network
ORAL-878 The relationship between stereotypical movement disorder and neuroinflammation

Afnan Almarshedi

Maretha De Jonge

Risa Hirata
Ruken Demirkol Tunca

CHAIR: Prof Rajesh Sagar

Sheikh Rashid Hall B
16:30 18:00

Mental health services, access to care, and barriers
ORAL-507 Community academic partnerships to develop child mental health system of care
ORAL-1028 Setting up and running a child and adolescent inpatient unit in Dubai

ORAL-690 Addressing mental health needs for cancer patients
ORAL-1054 Child and adolescent mental health services in Khartoum state, Sudan: a desktop situational analysis


Ujjwal Ramtekkar
Omer Ahmad Saleemi Minhas

Ahmad Alzahrani
Khalid Abdalhai

CHAIR: Dr. Habib Altakroni 

Sheikh Rashid Hall C
16:30 18:00 Epidemiology and Public Health in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
ORAL-462 Common mental health problems in children and adolescents during Covid-19
ORAL-748 Prevalence of mental health problems among juveniles in child correction homes in Nepal
ORAL-134 Russian adolescent mental health: the role of school environment and effortful control
ORAL-185 Factors associated with mental illness symptoms among students post Covid-19 lockdown

Heba Elshahawi & Dina Elgabry
Utkarsh Karki
Ekaterina Rezun
Nariman Ghader

CHAIR: Dr.Turki Albatti

Dubai A&B
16:30 18:00 SYMP-272 Child mental health on social media: connecting remotely with caregivers in diverse populations Henry Marquez
Abishek Bala
Alexandra Harrison
Henry Marquez
Kate Yan
Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
16:30 18:00 SISG-159 Systemic racism  and mental health sequelae Brooke Mastroianni Dubai D
16:30 18:00 SYMP-566 Understanding sensory processing in autism Sowmyashree Kaku Dubai E
16:30 18:00 SYMP-448 Youth epidemiology and resilience (year) of a nation John Chee Meng Wong Dubai F
16:30 18:00 SYMP-246 Current situation and future direction of child and adolescent mental health in Asia John Woo
Susan Gau
Shuntaro Ando
Soumya Jhanda.
Sheikh Rashid Hall D
16:30 18:00 SYMP-486 "E-family Interventions": a new frontier to engage families remotely in therapeutic work Karam Radwan
Khalid Afzal
John Sargent
Dubai C
16:30 18:00 SYM-475 The risk of bipolarity during the longitudinal course of pediatric depression and treatment effects Rasim Diler
F Neslihan Inal
Fadi Maalouf
Fujairah A
17:00 19:00 General Assembly - by invitation only   Sheikh Rashid Hall A
17:00 18:30 Small Group Sessions X 1 for DJCFP   Fujairah B, Fujairah C, Ajman B, Ajman C
19:00 20:00 Presidents Reception - by invitation only   Bubble Lounge
20:00 22:00 Congress Welcome Reception
Welcome Remarks by Dr. Abdulla Ibrahim Al Khayat
CEO Of Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital  
 view bio
Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
8:00 9:00 Registration    
8:30 10:00 Covid-19 and impacts on CAMH
ORAL-332 Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the well-being of college students in Ibadan, Nigeria
ORAL-808 The pandemic related changes in youth receiving renal replacement therapy: two-year follow-up study
ORAL-554 The influence of Covid-19 pandemic on the mental health and well-being of young people
ORAL-1111 The prevalence of depressive symptoms in children and adolescents amid the Covid-19 pandemic in Oman

Tolulope Bella - Awusah

Zulal Törenli-Kaya

Türkan Akkaya-Kalayci

Hassan Mirza

CHAIR: Prof Rajesh Sagar

Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
8:30 10:00 Policy and advocacy
ORAL-416 Mental health as an accelerator for achieving the SDGS in Nigerian adolescents
ORAL-610 Accelerating progress towards good mental health and other SDGS for adolescents in Ghana
Prevention and enhancing mental wellbeing
ORAL-933 Mental health of children with a history of institutionalization in Azerbaijan: clinical trial
ORAL-285 Using Pechakucha as an educational tool to foster reflection in child and adolescent psychiatry

Rita Tamambang
Kwabena Kusi-Mensah

Parvin Muslumzada & Emma Heidorn

Zheala Qayyum

CHAIR: Atif Rahman

Sheikh Rashid Hall C
8:30 10:00

Media, social media and the Internet
ORAL-609 The association between screen time and behavioral issues in preschoolers and the role of parents
Wearable devices
ORAL-799 Fine-granularity long-term activity consistency monitoring of children using wearable devices

New Technologies to improve access to child and adolescent mental health services
ORAL-1071 Access to therapy: a digital platform connecting families and therapists in three contexts
Innovative Assessment and Intervention Programs
Reducing pain and anxiety with virtual reality in children: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Aida Bikic

Peng Wang


Leah Wamuyu Owotoki

Tuba Mutluer

CHAIR: Dr Sameer Awadalla 

Sheikh Rashid Hall A
8:30 10:00 SYMP-265 Understanding and strengthening child & adolescent mental health services and systems in africa Simphiwe RN Simelane
Khalid Abdalhai
Gbotemi Babatunde
Stella Mokitimi
CHAIR: Petrus de Vries
Fujairah A
8:30 10:00 SYMP-1101 Intervening early to support distressed parents and infants diverse clinical and cultural settings: infant mental health Paul Campbell
Mina Sorasa
Salisha Maharaj
Kaija Purra
Sheikh Rashid Hall D
8:30 10:00 SYMP-153 Early career professionals perspective about early intervention in psychosis: the issues now Simone Marchini
Eman Albedah
Shaikha Alhemeiri
Dubai E
8:30 10:00 SYMP-268 Learning from scandals – how revelations of abuse lead to improvements in child protection Andreas Witt
Mitja Weilemann
Miriam Rassenhofer
Ulrike Hoffmann
Sheikh Rashid Hall B
8:30 10:00 SYMP-776 Virtual care models for improving access to child and adolescent mental health Ujjwal Ramtekkar
Dr. K John Vijay Sagar
Hesham Hamoda
Ayesha Mian
Dubai C
8:30 10:00 SYMP-206 Child Psychiatric Services in Egypt: Challenges and Opportunities Eman Gaber
Reham Amer
Mohammad Seleem
CHAIR: Suaad Moussa & Mohammad Seleem
Dubai F
8:30 10:00 SYM-481 Shaping the future by building mediations for migrants families, their babies, children and adolescents: a fundamental transcultural challenge Amalini Simon
Hawa Camara
Elisabetta Dozio
Dubai A&B
8:30 10:00 SYM-505 Quality of life in parents of children with autism spectrum disorder: through a transcultural lens   Khasnur Abd Malek
Kiran Hingorani
Valsamma Eapen
Dubai D
10:00 10:30 Coffee Break & Poster Sessions    
10:30 11:30 Keynote Lecture
Advances in research methodologies in autism: from big data to machine learning
Prof. Antonio Hardan Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
11:30 11:45 International Contribution Award 2022 (ICA 2022)  | Award Presentation Ceremony   Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
11:45 12:00 WAIMH & IACAPAP MOU    Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
12:00 13:00 Lunch Break    
13:00 14:00 YOUTH CIRCLE
The future is now! The power of youth and transforming mental health 
Attended by Her Excellency Shamma bint Suhail Faris Al Mazrui, UAE Minister of State for Youth   view bio
Shaikha Bakhit Saeed Juma AlShamsi 
Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
13:00 14:00
State of the Art Lecture 4
Covid-19: Sounding the alarm for children’s mental health globally
Warren Y.K. Ng MD MPH
Room: Sheikh Rashid Hall A
State of the Art Lecture 5
Past and future of child and adolescent psychiatric research 
Prof. Bruno Falissard
Room: Sheikh Rashid Hall B
State of the Art Lecture 6
Selective Mutism: The Now and the Future
Prof. Dr. Christina Schwenck
Room: Sheikh Rashid Hall C
14:00 14:15 BREAK    
14:15 15:45

Mental Health Promotion and Education
ORAL-405 The use of online platforms in child and adolescent mental health
ORAL-176 How to incorporate video games and digital media into psychotherapy
ORAL-233 Real time monitoring of sleep/behavior of children receiving PCIT with artificial intelligence

ORAL-193 Building core competencies: infant parent mental health (ipmh) interventions in low resource populations

Laith Alfalah & Partha Banerjea
Horacio Hojman
Julia Shekunov

Alexandra Harrison

CHAIR: Dr Hussain Alyami

Fujairah A
14:15 15:45 Effects of Violence, Disasters, and Civil Conflicts - Trauma Informed Care
ORAL-207 EMDR-IGTP, With children in the aftermath of the Nyiragongo volcano eruption
ORAL-216 Adolescent life skills program in humanitarian settings
ORAL-392 Impact of the pandemic and social crisis on therapist and patient therapeutic relation
ORAL-851 Bosnian war orphans: the age of father loss and resilience in adolescence

Elisabetta Dozio
Elisabetta Dozio
Mayssa El Husseini
Nermina Kravić

CHAIR: Dr. Fadi T Maalouf

Dubai A&B
14:15 15:45

ORAL-590 Disruptive irritability & family dysfunction correlation: analysis through family drawings

ORAL-407 Time series analysis of child and adolescent psychiatric emergency admissions in a tertiary setting
ORAL-704 Adolescents in psychiatric emergencies: reasons for consultation, diagnoses and orientation
ORAL-755 Psycho-social support for children and families in crises context


Alexander Vargas Castro

Ipek Inal Kaleli

Alexandra Pham-Scottez

Bestoon Abdulrahman

CHAIR: Dr. Reem Mudawi

Dubai D
14:15 15:45 SISG-676 Early career group, IACAPAP: start together and grow bigger. A special interest study group Dina Mahmood Dubai E
14:15 15:45 SYMP-273 The asean experience towards child and adolescent mental health during covid-19 pandemic Tjhin Wiguna
Cipto Mangunkusumo
Sheikh Rashid Hall C
14:15 15:45 SISG-279 Fighting stigma in child and adolescent mental health locally and globally Sowmyashree Kaku Dubai F
14:15 15:45 SYM-917 Psychiatry has several languages: speaking with each other Gordon Harper
Bruno Falissard
Peter Parry
Laura Viola
Sheikh Rashid Hall A
14:15 15:45 SYMP-467 ADHD in girls: challenges in recognition, diagnostic assessment and management Nivedita Bajaj
Chinnaiah Yemula
Neel Kamal
Senerath Perera
Sheikh Rashid Hall B
14:15 15:45 SYMP-996 The scope & understanding of infant mental health in culturally diverse contexts Dr. Azhar Abu Ali
Dr. Hanan Derby
Dr. Salisha Moodley Maharaj
Sheikh Rashid Hall D
14:15 15:45 SYMP-496 Challenges and changes in mental health care for transitional age youth during the Covid-19 pandemic Cynthia Wilson
Timothy VanDeusen
Zheala Qayyum
Hyun Kim
Dubai C
14:15 15:45 SYMP 1042 “Blue Café : Shaping the Future of Autism in Dubai- from Genetics to innovative care“ Nasna Nassir
Noor Kosaji
Binte Zehra Ashraf
Leigh Powell
Suha Alshuaibat
CHAIR: Prof Nabil Zary, Dr. M Uddin &Dr. Ammar Al Banna
Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
15:45 16:15 Coffee Break & Poster Sessions     
16:15 17:45 Family Interventions
ORAL-421 The role of the father in early interactions with the baby, in the face of cultural barriers
ORAL-301 Improving parenting self-efficacy through parent training: Malaysian experience during the pandemic
ORAL-387 Parent child interaction therapy in South Africa: a pre-pilot study
ORAL-763 Individualized guilt and shame: mothers' reliance on child institutions as a needed resource

Elisabetta Dozio
Ruziana Masiran

John-Joe Dawson-Squibb
Lauren Beard

CHAIR: Prof Rajesh Sagar

Sheikh Rashid Hall B
16:15 17:45 Neuroimaging, EEG, Neurology and Child and Adolescent Mental Health
ORAL-417 Quantitative EEG in everyday child psychiatry as a navigator for tailored therapy
ORAL-753 Resting-state FMRI connectivity correlates of depression score in late community Adolescents
ORAL-270 Diagnostic and therapeutic significance of the neuropsychological profile in ADHD: a case study
ORAL-685 Psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents with headache: hospital-based study of Bangladesh

Svetla Velikova
Rocco Marchitelli

Atanas Ganchev

Sifat E Syed

CHAIR: Prof. Suaad Moussa

 Dubai A&B
16:15 17:45 New Technologies in child and adolescent mental health
ORAL-156 Facilitation of evidence-based mental health assessments using a digital health information system
ORAL-850 Stressless App: the design and application of a visual metaphor enhanced stress management app
ORAL-1053 “Emotions and Allergies” a CBT web-based program developed for children suffering from food allergy
ORAL-236 Digital surveillance approach to address child development, mental health and psychosocial needs

Ronan Zimmermann

Hussain Alyami

Maria Del Mar Ribas Turón

Valsamma Eapen

CHAIR: Emmanuel Stip

Sheikh Rashid Hall C
16:15 17:45 SISG-526 Psychosocial care in clinical settings for children in difficult circumstances John Vijay Sagar Kommu Dubai E
16:15 17:45 SYMP-434 Responding to crisis and trauma Andreas Witt 
Anna Ordóñez
Habib Abdullah
Miriam Rassenhofer
Sheikh Rashid Hall A
16:15 17:45 SYMP-650 Implementing a school-based mental health program in Egypt, Jordan, and Pakistan Anna Chiumento
Olakunle Alonge
Hesham Hamoda
Lawrence Wissow
Atif Rahman
Dubai C
16:15 17:45 SYMP-726 Challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of prodromal and early onset psychosis Iliyan Stoyanov
Cora Cravero
Philippe Auby
Dubai F
16:15 17:45 SYM-885 Measuring the impact of the who caregiver skills training programme around the globe Roberto Grujicic
Liezl Schlebusch
Sebastian Cukier
Tigist Zerihun
Sheikh Rashid Hall D
16:15 17:45 SYMP-953 Current situation and future direction of child and adolescent mental health in India Savita Malhotra
Soumya Tandon
Dubai D
16:15 17:45 SYMP-452 Leaders forum: the future of child and adolescent psychiatry Norbert Skokauskas Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
16:15 18:45 MDTH-816 When all else fails Piet Jansen Fujairah A
17:00 18:30 Small Group Sessions X 2 for DJCFP   Fujairah B, Fujairah C, Ajman B, Ajman C
18:00 19:00 HRRS Reunion   Bubble Lounge
19:00 22:00 Gala Dinner - Ticketed Event   Al Sahara Desert Resort
8:00 9:00 REGISTRATION    
8:30 10:00 Parenting and Parent-Child Relational Problems
ORAL-339 Family function, parental marital status, and adolescent depression in Nigeria: a mediation analysis
ORAL-992 Family strengthening and economic intervention strategies for families reunification in Azerbaijan
ORAL-536 Parental reports on corporal punishment attitudes and child dysfunctioning: is there a connection?

Cornelius Ani

Narmin Guliyeva

Roberto Grujicic

CHAIR: Dr. Hanan Derby

Sheikh Rashid Hall B
8:30 10:00 Eating and Feeding Disorders
SYMP-271 Eating disorders presentation to a pediatric emergency department during the Covid-19 pandemic
ORAL-780 Risk of eating disorders among Emirati adolescent females: a cross-sectional study
ORAL-394 Effects of social media on body dissatisfaction in junior high school girls
ORAL-296 Issues around food in mixed families of adolescent girls with bulimia nervosa: a qualitative study

Zheala Qayyum

Heyam Dalky
Kentaro Kawabe
Assia Khiar Zerrouk

CHAIR: Ujjwal Ramtekkar

Sheikh Rashid Hall C
8:30 10:00 Trauma Related Disorders
ORAL-232 Taking care of traumatised paediatric patients: a 3-year study after 2016 mass terror attack in Nice
ORAL-446 Post-traumatic stress symptoms children and adolescents during Covid-19 pandemic in Spain
Dissociative and Conversion Disorders
ORAL-734 A follow up study of children and adolescents with functional neurological disorder in north India
ORAL-782 Attachment styles and internalizing behaviour among adolescents with dissociative disorder

Philippe Auby

Cristina Vidal Adroher

Kopal Rohatgi

Ritwika Nag

CHAIR: Matthew Hodes

Dubai A&B
8:30 10:00 SISG-578 Autism research in a low and middle income country (lmic): challenges, strengths, and solutions John Vijay Sagar Kommu Dubai E
8:30 10:00 SYMP-168 #SOCIALMEDIA #MENTALHEALTH Emily Hochstetler
Nargis Sadat
Jawed Bharwani
Alyssa Lucker
Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
8:30 10:00 SYMP-1109  Infant mental health challenges and triumphs in resource limited and diverse cultural settings Salisha  Maharaj
Paul Campbell
Minna Sorsa
Kaija Puura
Sheikh Rashid Hall D
8:30 10:00 SYMP-365 An exploration of music therapy practices in Asia Iris Chih-Tsai Chen
Lakshmi Sravanti
Deva Priya Appan
Fontane Liang
Fujairah A
8:30 10:00 SYMP-214 TIC disorders including tourette syndrome in Asia Yukiko Kano
Yi Zheng
Bung Nyun Kim
Tjhin Wiguna
Dubai D
8:30 10:00 SYMP-1081 Building services, education, and research in child and adolescent mental health in the gulf region Khalid Bazaid
Muhammad Waqar Azeem
Meshal Sultan
Omar Almodayfer
Ahmed Al Ansari
Yasser Ad-Dab'bagh
Bennett Leventhal
Norbert Skokauskas
Dubai C
8:30 10:00 SYMP-1115 Psychosocial consequences of sexually abused children referred to tertiary care facility in Oman Amira Zaky
Muna Alshikili
Yahia Alkalbani
Walid Hassan
Dubai F
8:30 10:00 Special Program: Getting your research funded (conversation with welcome trust and NIMH) Usman Hamdani
Anna Ordonez
Sheikh Rashid Hall A
10:00 10:30 Coffee Break & Poster Sessions    
10:30 10:45 IACAPAP Medal | Award Presentation Ceremony Prof. Daniel Fung Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
10:30 11:30 Presidential Lecture
Digital mental health for the young: does it meta?
Prof. Daniel Fung Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
11:30 12:30 Panel Discussion
Future of Mental Health in the UAE 
  view bio

Dr. Ammar Albanna 
Head of Mental Health Center of Excellence at AJCH 
President of the Emirates Society for Child and Adolescent Mental Health  

Amal AlBlooshi 
Director of the National Wellbeing Program 
Ministry of Community Development 

Ebrahim Hayel Alharbi
Early Childhood Workforce Specialist
Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority

Dr. Essam Al Zarouni
Acting Chief Executive Officer for Medical Services Sector
Emirates Health Services 

Fatma Belrehif
Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau
Knowledge and Human Development Authority 

Dr. Meshal Sultan
Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at AJCH
Inaugural Chair of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the National Institute for Health Specialties (NIHS), UAE

Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
12:30 14:00 Pharmacotherapy and TMS
ORAL-189 Psychiatric adverse events during antipsychotic treatment in a naive paediatric population
ORAL-303 Parental attitude towards the prescription of psychotropics for mental disorders in children
ORAL-906 The impact of psychostimulants on weight of children and adolscents diagnosed with ADHD
Brain Stimulation methods
ORAL-1104 Transcranial magnetic stimulation in suicidal adolescents - a real option in acute intervention

Philippe Auby
Tamadhir Al-Mahrouqi
Faten Al Eid

Netsa Keith Kirimi

CHAIR: Nusrat Khan

Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
12:30 14:00 Trauma, Child Abuse, Bullying, Child Protection
ORAL-158 The relationship between maternal adverse childhood experiences and their child rearing skills
ORAL-330 Digital adaptation of "safe touches" in Greece: comparison of online and in-person delivery
ORAL-1010 Traditional bullying and cyberbullying among Russian adolescents
ORAL-404 Common elements of evidence-based trauma therapy for children and adolescents

Wachiraporn Arunothong

Fotini-Sonia Apergi
Nadezhda Semenova
Lieke Kooij

CHAIR: Prof Rajesh Sagar

Sheikh Rashid Hall A
12:30 14:00 Systems of Care
ORAL-242 A Meaningful partnership: interdisciplinary camh clinic and environmental educational program
ORAL-974 Measuring quality in CAMHS - a supporting conceptual framework
Culture and Transcultural Psychiatry
ORAL-739A Cross-cultural validation of the WISC-IV among Almajiris and public primary school pupils in Zaria
Crisis Intervention
ORAL-393 The rapid assessment consultation evaulation and review team pilot program in South Australia

Jaqueline Cenci

Olle Lindevall

Kwabena Kusi-Mensah


Sharon Phillips

CHAIR: Myron Belfer

Sheikh Rashid Hall D
12:30 14:00 SISG-960 Role of father in child development Raman Marwaha
Rajesh Mehta
Narpinder Malhi
Dubai E
12:30 14:00 SISG-551 Cultural adaptation of screening and diagnostic tools in child mental health Philippe Robaey Dubai F
12:30 14:00 SYMP-350 Co-Producing a whole school-based interventions for prevention of adolescent anxiety and depression Dr Janardhana N
Dr Sphoorthi Prabhu
Dr Mutharaju Arelingaiah
Krupa A. L
Ritwika Nag
Sheikh Rashid Hall B
12:30 14:00 SYMP-500 Our series of brain computer interface (BCI) studies Choon Guan Lim
Tze Jui Goh
Chui Pin Soh
Shernice Shi Yun Lim
Sheikh Rashid Hall C
12:30 14:00 SYMP-934 The evolution of the national Egyptian child and adolescent psychiatry guidelines Suaad Moussa
Heba Elshahawi
Eman Gaber
Dubai C
12:30 14:00 SYMP-1102 Child and adolescent cognitive and mental health problems across four regions of Africa Tolulope Bella - Awusah Fujairah A
12:30 14:00 SYMP-202 Stigma and mental health among professionals Afnan AlMarshedi
Maha Al Ali
Cristina Vidal Adroher
Sara Alansari
Faten Al Eid
Dubai A&B
12:30 14:00 SYMP-620 Using social media for education and advocacy for child and adolescent mental health Lakshmi Sravanti
Hesham Hamoda
Ujjwal Ramtekar
Dubai D
14:00 15:00 Lunch Break    
14:00 15:30 ESCAM Assembly - By Invitation Only   Sheikh Rashid Hall A
15:00 16:00
State of the Art Lecture 7
The future of care and clinical research in autism
Prof. Petrus De Vries
Room: Sheikh Rashid Hall - Main Stage
State of the Art Lecture 8
Shaping the future of ADHD identification and management
Guilherme V. Polanczyk, MD, PhD
Room: Sheikh Rashid Hall A
State of the Art Lecture 9
Using technology in advancing child mental health in low resource settings
Prof. Atif Rahman
Room: Sheikh Rashid Hall B
State of the Art Lecture 10
Impact of Disasters on the Mental Health of Youth : Lessons Learned from the Beirut Blast
Dr. Fadi T Maalouf
Room: Sheikh Rashid Hall C
16:00 16:30 Coffee Break & Poster Sessions    
16:30 18:00 Conduct and Oppositional Defiant Disorder
ORAL-195 Aggressive children’s hostile misattribution to peer intent in ambiguous social interaction paradigm
Child Abuse, Bullying, Child Protection
ORAL-1090 Prevalence of cyberbullying & associated factors among adolescents in dubai schools
Immunology, Infectious Diseases and Child and Adolescent Mental Health
ORAL-470 N-METHYL-D-ASPARTATE (NMDA) Receptor antibody in relation to autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Mental Health Promotion and Education
ORAL-855 Prosocial behavior and internalizing problem mediate adolescent mental health mechanism in Indonesia

Cornelius Ani

Sabya Farooq

Hanan Azzam

Dian Caesaria Widyasari

CHAIR: Dr Omer Minhas

Sheikh Rashid Hall A
16:30 18:00 Liaison Psychiatry
ORAL-249 Behavioral problems, somatic symptoms and irritability levels in children with hypospadias surgery

ORAL-585 Influence of socioeconomic deprivation on prevalence of adhd among children and youths in se england
Self-Harm Behavior, Suicidality and its Prevention
ORAL-329 A qualitative study of the risk factors leading to adolecent suicide attempts in Singapore
Sexuality and sexology, gender, and sexual minority youth
ORAL-873 Social discrimination and substance use among heterosexual and sexual minority Nigerian adolescents

Asli Begum Can Aydin

Michael Ogundele 

Tammy Yun Ying Tsang

Olanrewaju Ibigbami

CHAIR: Dr Philippe Robaey

Sheikh Rashid Hall B
16:30 18:00 Refugees, Migration and Mental Health Issues
ORAL-895 Refugee children and adolescents mental health in Poland: challenges and opportunities. Case study.
ORAL-643 How do left-behind children cope with parental migration in Georgia? A qualitative study
Resilience, Coping Mechanisms
ORAL-634 Social identity and coping: a comparative study between freshman and seniors
Emotions, Emotion Regulation
ORAL-777 Information processing biases and emotion regulation in adolescents with dissociative disorders

Monika Youssef Khalil

Khatia Antia

Saima Ali

Ritwika Nag

CHAIR: Dr. Habib Altakroni

Sheikh Rashid Hall D
16:30 18:00 SISG-697 Dialectical behavior therapy in teenagers Manjiri Deshpande Dubai E
16:30 18:00 SISG-589 Effectiveness and feasibility of brief parent training based interventions in autism for lmics Dr Jigyansa Ipsita Pattnaik Dubai F
16:30 18:00 SISG-1026 Managing social media for a professional organization (IACAPAP) Hesham Hamoda
Ujjwal Ramtekar
Lakshmi Sravanti
Sheikh Rashid Hall C
16:30 18:00 SYMP-887 Empowering families through technology – tele-intervention, measurement and tele-wellbeing in autism Marisa Vijoen
Minkateko Ndlovu
Rasha Alhejailan
Liezl Schlebusch
Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
16:30 18:00 SYMP-215 The art of psychiatric evaluation of Arab immigrant youth and families: clinical case conference Jeffrey Hunt
Alaa Elnajjar
Yvorn Aswad
Muhammad Waqar Azeem
Dubai C
16:30 18:00 SYMP-1079 Good psychiatric management of borderline personality disorder in adolescents Afraz Zaman Dubai A&B
16:30 18:00 SYMP-1018 DSM-5 TR cultural formulation: how it helps through the lens of cases Raman Marwaha
Rajesh Mehta
Dubai D
16:30 19:00 MDTH-368 Children in difficult circumstances Iris, Chih-Tsai Chen Fujairah A
17:00 18:30 Small Group Sessions X 3 for DJCFP   Fujairah B, Fujairah C, Ajman B, Ajman C
19:30 22:00 DJCFP Dinner - by invitation only   External
8:00 9:00 Registration    
8:00 9:30 Forensic Psychiatry and the Role of the Legal System
ORAL-666 Delusional disorder and other psychiatric disorders in family law and child protection proceedings
Clinical High-Risk, Early Interventions
ORAL-665 First 100 admissions to the first australian high-secure adolescent forensic mental health unit
ORAL-1117 Mindfulness for children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

ORAL-1011 Effect of distance learning  during covid-19 on mental health in students aged 6-18 years old in ksa


John Kasinathan

John Kasinathan

Faisal Nawaz

Afnan Almarshedi & Noha Almobaireek

CHAIR: Nusrat Khan

Sheikh Rashid Hall B
8:00 9:30

Prematurity & Perinatal Complications
ORAL-537 Distinct childhood neurodevelopmental trajectories following very preterm birth

ORAL-800 Importance of the identification of developmental delays in children born preterm
TIC Disorders
ORAL-334 Proteome analysis in the differential diagnosis of TIC disorder and stereotypic movement disorder

Media and the Internet
ORAL-456 Parental views on digital gaming behaviors of children and adolescents during the pandemic.


Mireia Solerdelcoll
Fabricia Galeti

Ecem Selin Akbas Aliyev


Saziye Senem Basgul

CHAIR: Dr Ather Jafri

Sheikh Rashid Hall C
8:00 9:30 Learning Disabilities
ORAL-255 Exploring the role of sleep in functional impairment and executive functions in children with sld
Mood Disorders
ORAL-876 Parental psychiatric disorders and offspring depression
Innovative Assessment and Intervention Programs
ORAL-1068  Psychosocial support of families with small children: a review of universal approaches in Finland
ORAL-635 An evaluation of the prevalence of the risk of disordered eating, poor sleep quality

Nihal Serdengecti
CHAIR: Dr Yasser Dabbagh

Subina Upadhyaya

Minna Sorsa

Ahmed Al-Ansari
Dubai A&B
8:00 9:30 New research approaches to mental health diagnoses
ORAL-390 Children and adolescent with severe behavioral disorders – what works?
Psychotic Disorders
ORAL-144 A duration of untreated psychosis among adolescents with first-episode psychosis"
ORAL-205 Lived experiences of adolescents admitted in an inpatient psychiatric unit for 1st episode psychosis
Psychiatric Classifications and Diagnostic Issues
ORAL-837 Mental and behavioural disorders in childhood and adolescence in ICD-11

Leonida Zalokar

Alkhatib Al Saadi‬‏
Luzuko Magula

Ahmed Pajević

CHAIR: Emmanuel Stip

Dubai C
8:00 9:30 SISG-701 Psychopharmacological management of autism spectrum disorders Manjiri Deshpande Fujaiarah A
8:00 9:30 SISG-967 Creative leadership - mindfully Ayesha Mian Dubai D
8:00 9:30 SYMP-183 For the [NO] Better? The provision of mental health care in South[East] Asia during Covid-19 pandemic Grace Sameve
Wajantha Kotalawala
Lakshmi Sravanti
Sheikh Rashid Hall D
8:00 9:30 SYMP-192 Transition from CAMHS to AMHS: how to improve the continuity of psychiatric care around the globe?

Simone Marchini
Joana Reis
Bahadır Turan
Marco Armando
Remy Barbe
Véronique Delvenne

CHAIR: Myron Belfer

Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
8:00 9:30 SYMP-952 Parents mediated interventions for autism spectrum disorders from different parts of the world Naoufel Gaddour
Sabri Hergüner
Marina Monzani Da Rocha
Wamiq Ali
Dubai E
8:00 9:30 SYMP-485 Informed consent and related ethical issues in childhood and adolescence Kazumasa Kimura
Junichiro Ota
Chen Iris
CHAIR: Gordon Harper
Dubai F
8:00 9:30 SYMP-572 Treating children and adolescents with ADHD: challenges and perspectives Jordan Sibeoni
Ana Moscoso
Sowmyashree Mayur Kaku
Bruno Falissard
Sheikh Rashid Hall A
9:30 11:00

Infant Mental Health
ORAL-1112 Helping parents with fear of childbirth with the imaginary journey into childbirth: an intervention
Trauma Related Disorders
ORAL-529 Impact of the russian invasion on mental health of adolescents in Ukraine
ORAL-627 Suicidal behaviors and post traumatic stress symptoms among young adults

Covid-19 Impact
ORAL-1121 The psychological impact of the covid-19 pandemic on children in the united arab emirates: a nationwide cross-sectional study

Kaija Puura

Sanju Silwal
Sami Hamdan

Basema Saddik

CHAIR: Azhar Abu Ali, Ph.D.

Sheikh Rashid Hall B
9:30 11:00

Autism Spectrum Disorders

ORAL-1025 Genetic analysis in a sample of children with autism spectrum disorders
ORAL-1113 Autism vs language delay the dilemma in daily practice (which on is first and how to diffrerntiate?)
Psychiatric classifications and diagnostic issues
ORAL-948 Bridging neurodevelopment and research domain criteria; it is all in the timing

ORAL-517 The relationship between parent-identified problems and psychiatric diagnosis

Dina Mosallam
Turki Albatti

Dina Mosallam

Saziye Senem Basgul

CHAIR: Dr. Zainab Alloub 

Sheikh Rashid Hall C
9:30 11:00 Emotions, Emotion Regulation
ORAL-1078 Emotion regulation, toward establishing culturally based model of emotional expression, pilot study
ORAL-1092 Humor in child psychotherapy: the ghost busters program
Resilience, coping mechanisms
ORAL-248 Fostering teacher’s resilience in the face of adversity
ORAL-243 Knowledge, attitudes and practice of PHCWS about NDDS in selected PHCS in Abuja, Nigeria

Nada Almegbil

Hanan El-Mazahy

Rabeeka Aftab
Noah Agbo

CHAIR: Prof Rajesh Sagar

Sheikh Rashid Hall D
9:30 11:00 Epidemiology and Public Health in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
ORAL-126 The role of the built environment in child mental health
Policy and advocacy
ORAL-151 Children mental health in post-covid era: emerging needs and policy responses
Resilience, Coping Mechanisms
ORAL-1106 Strong: pilot findings from a CBT intervention for refugees and immigrants in schools
Refugees, Migration and Mental Health Issues
ORAL-1108 "The impact of a culturally-competent PTSD treatment program & mobile application on trauma symptoms"
Eirini Flouri

Lama Zakzak

Hadia Zarzour

Hadia Zarzour
Dubai A&B
9:30 11:00 SISG-1017 Behavioral health integration in primary care Raman Marwaha
Rajesh Mehta
Narpinder Malhi
Dubai E
9:30 11:00 SYMP-564 Challenges faced by early career child and adolescent psychiatrists in India Dr Jigyansa Ipsita Pattnaik
Suhas Chandran
Avinash Kamath
Dubai D
9:30 11:00 SYMP-316 Back to the future Myron Belfer
Gordon Harper
Wenhong Cheng
Jianping Lu
Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
9:30 11:00 SYMP-422 How cultural aspects influence parenting style in children with mental disorders in Indonesia Frilya Rachma Putri
Subhan Rio Pamungkas
Ivana Sajogo
Izzatul Fithriyah
Dubai C
9:30 11:00 SYMP-892 Child psychiatric epidemiology in young children: methods to be used in very different settings Viviane Kovess-Masfety
Elie Karam
Kerry Keyes
Stephanie Monnier-Besnard
Fujaiarah A
9:30 11:00 SYMP-133 Aggression prevention: risk assessment and behavior emergency response Finza Latif
Reginald Bannerman
Colby Tyson
Dubai F
9:30 11:00 SYM 550 The implementation of virtual reality and smartphone apps to enhance mental health care for at-risk children and adolescents Iza Scherpbier
Renée Klein Schaarsberg
Merel Leijse
Sheikh Rashid Hall A
9:30 11:00 DJCFP Closing   Bubble Lounge
11:00 12:00 Keynote Lecture
Reversing the inverse care law: can we provide equitable access to child mental health services?
Prof. Valsamma Eapen Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage
12:00 13:00 Closing Ceremony   Sheikh Rashid Hall Main Stage

Scientific Committee

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